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Related article: Date: Monday, September 15, 2003 19 54th 44 -0700 From: dudesweetusa ( a) Hushmail (dot) com Subject: Chupa Babysitting (really) If my sister mother and her family came to stay for a couple of weeks in the summer had give up my room for my stupid cousin Charles, who was 10. This sucked because I was 14 and thought he was sleeping The lounge on the couch and let me leave my room. But no, my mother said no. I hated my cousin before I met him. Well, when they came, he was fine. It's kind of golf club, but a good guy. that was all talk until midnight, and so on. All were then the bed and had to sit on the couch to fall. Well, I think the good part was, will not give up anything because I slept in the living room space in which moved all the activity going on. is The main problem, I did not feel comfortable driving in the living room environment, so that after it was quiet, I jacked in the bathroom. without my magazines. I was a fool and photo sharing preteen
had in my room. I made a note to remember, next to itTime. is also impossible to sleep in the living room later, when all speaks so loudly that even stood a dead person. Arg, not about my morning wood. I pulled my shorts before I made my way to the bathroom. We all went to Disneyland and it was very funny. After seeing the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean ride was even colder. We arrived home late and all went to bed. Shit, I forgot that my attic. Silently to open the door to my room. Appears to be dead to pretty preteens xxx the world. I escape to get under my bed. I tiptoed out and closed the door quietly and go to the bathroom and Jack. Once you make up my mind, clear the best option for preteen underage throat the magazine is back in my room, so caution sneak back in In the morning, usually the noise the conclusion of the breakfast, forcing to me. I'm not really sleep late in the summer? I n go to the bathroom, Rick is already there. Shit. That hit the door. it opens, even in his underwear, teeth with plaster. " II have to pee. "I say. " Ok. "Go back to brushing your teeth. What the hell is a guy who I guess. I pee. " I have to take a shower. " is watching me. " Ok. " "Out of here, " I command him. " Ok. "He is leaving soon. Sorry to yell for him. E n remove and take underage preteen suck my shower. 's In my room when I took my towel, my boxer. Bears n " I have to be changed. " I tell him to go. " Ok. " " only. Please. " " Okay, I already saw your Willie. "My Willie? What an idiot. I guess that looked at me, if I had to pee. " You have a great one. And a lot of hair. as my father. "Man, how stupid is this guy anyway? put on my towel and pull my boxers with a vision of him. " I saw the butt, "he says when I I put the shorts. " You have a thing to see cocks and asses of the people? " I ask. laughs. " Yes, it's funny. " " Haha, "I say sarcastically, as indian preteen porn
I put the shirt. " Yours is the day 17. " " The 17th what? " " The 17th Willie, I've seen. " " I saw 17 cocks"I ask, amazed. I mean, how many had seen? Petey, of course, he's my best friend. And John, who has another friend. Mmmmmm, lol, and Kevin, as it was pantsed in Physical Education. I mean ALL then saw his cock. Ok, that's three. When I was your age Carlos and I Barry was the tail. So, that's only four. wait and my father, , so I guess it is. I have seen only five cocks in my life. He tells told me he was 17? "No! " Yes, I do not think so. ' S I've seen more than 17 years. I 16yr preteen keep track of the people I know. I do not count, I see people do not know. " end this interview dress. Carlos is quite strange, , but I'm not scared or anything. I mean, I'm much larger than him. I was able to hit crap out of him if he wanted. Actually, I'm n ever beat the crap out of someone, or even well known to anyone. However, could, if wanted, I think. After breakfast, and so I prepare for my tennis lessons go to with Petey. Carlos wants to go, the Course, and my mom makes me take him. I warn you, out of the way and not bother me or my friends. Will it promises. I usually ride my bike, but because Karl did not a, preteen asian nn my mother did not deter us. I must admit I was preteen pass board quite Charles Your well off the road and saw our lesson. Once finished with me Petey and went to play, even allowed him nude angle preteen
to hit some balls. was later, when we were taking our Dr. Pepper, Charles got weird. " How big is your Willie? " He asks Petey. Petey almost spit a mouthful of Dr. Pepper. " Do not worry, that little homo," says Charles. " I'm not gay," says Charles. Then she says: "What is a homosexual ? " " He's not gay," say that I am defending. "It's ten. " Why do you defend n ? I have no idea. Perhaps because he is my cousin? Maybe cause I have compared and Petey tail several times. Mine is exactly equal to 1/8 of an inch is greater than his. " Well, how big... " Carlos again began to ask. " Shut up," I say, give him a punch in the arm. " Ouuuuuu. Say. You beat me. " to roll the eyes of Petey and I together. We do not know when we finished our drinks. As Charles and I go home, I wonder, " Why preteen bikini links did you ask Petey after its tail ? " "I know how big you want. I would like to see them. To do if as big as yours ? Did you see his Willie, how big is it? " " Forget it. If you tell me is true for 14yo preteen nude
you, I will say that tell my friend Dick. " " Oh, I will not tell you. I like you. ¿ I can ask her again, Willie ? " "no! " \\ \\ n " Why not. let me see before. Petey has seen? I will show, me. " " unless you want to see you. " " Why not ? "I ignored his stupid question. He asks more questions about Petey and I listen. When we get home I get that both he and my parents go tonight, and I have to sit baby Charles. " I've been with him all day. Not fair. " My complaints fall on deaf ears ears. We leave the money to order pizza. It is too early to dInternal to play my PS2. After 45 minutes start to get bored Carlos with games. " Let's view, there's nobody here ! Please ? " " are naked ? Are you crazy ? " N "I want pretty preteens xxx
to see their new Willie. Y I'll show you mine too. " "No! " " If I won a Playstation game, go naked all night? " Mmm well, can not be overcome. Usually in PS2. "What you gonna do when I came to ", I wonder. is thinking about it for a minute. "Anything you want. " N "I want that, we asked to see my penis and ask my friends either. " " Ok," he says cheerfully. "I have the game to get it. " He stretched out the hand of his s. We. He comes into my room and out the conclusion of a game. This is a PS1 game, Pokemon. " This is a fraud," I complain. " No, it is not. You said I could bring to the game. " Well, I really could not think of preteen bikini links an argument. We played. I lost. "2 of 3 You must give me a chance. " He agrees and kills me. " You have to get naked now. " He laughs and excitement. It seems stupid n to me,But I did not care. He saw me already. In addition naked before a few times when no one was home. He is a boy. He is also a to my cousin. I undress. All the way. He is disappointed. " It was much larger before" indicating the tail hanging, is small. " Well, I almost had an erection below. Always gets in the preteen sports bbs preteen bikini links
morning. " " Make it big again. " " No , it's vintage naked preteens time to attract. " " No, said naked all night. " we have? He could be right. " But I feel stupid. " " Ok, I get naked too. I like naked. " He undressed. He grabs of his little tail. " See? " " Yes, I see. Can we use now? " "No. We've said all night. " " Ok, let to play for them. If I win, draw us both. And if you win, preteen nude s , we were naked, " I offer. " No, we have been to remain naked. If I win, you make your Willie get too big. And drive. And do spooze out of it. " Spooze ? I think he means the sperm. How does he know that already? N "You 've preteen swimming
seen that before? " " Yes, it isthe coolest. " " Who taught you that? " " Me and my friend Jared spied his brother after school and found we spooze entire stomach. He shot to the right of your Willie. "He don and grabs his tail and is intended to fool her. " You can spooze do the right thing ? " " No, I bet, you know that I would probably kill preteen sexy pic Pokemon. " " Ok, now do something different layers, " " just not usenet sexy preteens
GTA Ok, what about Tetris. They know how to play ? " I'm pretty good Tetris. He nods and shake again. Now, I 'm pretty good, but better. Was full of emotion s when I lost three games in row. " Well, big time ! Make spooze " Well, I like cats. I get up and go to my room. More. put in my attic, lay on my bed and try to forget kinder preteens models it's there. n it takes up. When I shoot my sperm, she says, "This is the baby of s is not it? " " Yes, but only if it's inside a girl. " " You mean you will not make a baby inside me? " " No silly, you can not exactly a girl. I get now?It's time to order Pizza. " " No, we agreed naked all night. " " jeeze, I will not open the door preteens sex hot naked. " " Well, okay, you can then take a towel. But that's all. " Ok. So I have to call and ask for half pepperoni, half of the pineapple and Canadian bacon. I put it in his shorts, so it is not naked. Figure that is slipped enough, is still a child. Anyway, after I paid for the pizza guy and have the pizza, Carlos takes the towel, is the type of pizza my cock naked. let the pizza, take the towel and close the door. I'm angry. Carlos runs off. I put on my boxers and sit down to eat. Carlos approaches. " Are you crazy ? " preteen pictures nudes " Yes, that was lame. " " It was great. " " No, it was preteen pass board lame. I 'm not doing anything more naked. " " Ok. ¿ I can get a pizza? " I heed when he comes over and eats with care. " Do not be angry with me. " " First, I throw on my bed and my room. Then you can embarrass me in front of my friend. Then you are deceiving me make a stupid bet. A then are embarrassed to bring me before the pizzaGuy. " " I do not kick you out of bed. " " So your mother and my mother has done. It " " Now you can. " " No, my mother would not let me. ` You are the guest," " I say in my mother's voice. " Well, I want to sleep with me. I want to share with you. It is a large bed best foto preteen
that we share. " Well, that was better. As long as no the bed or something. " In addition, his friend called me a homo. What legal model preteen
is this? " " A is another word for gay or gay FAG... a guy who likes other guys instead of of girls. " " I like boys more than girls. " Yes, I noticed. " And I as well as goose bumps. " Do not tell me. " In addition to having seen the look on the face of pizza Mans? Was fun. " Yes that was fun. I remember when Kevin pantsed in Physical Education. It was very funny. But maybe not so fun for Kevin. If you are the type is always pantsed not so cool. But when you see kids, it's funny. So maybe Carlos was right. Many do not want to give up completely, I said, " Well, what about my friend If you ask for his. Wil... tail. " " Yes, well, he's your best friend right? " I nod. " And you and he never spoke sizes or something? "Of course we had, that is best friends. I mean, we had and were compared, and... wait a minute. This is the point of stupid. For Charles idiot is smart enough, I think. I give up. I have my hands in the air. " Okay, okay, I give up. " " Do not be angry with me anymore? " " No, I do not think so. "He jumps on me and gave me a big hug. " I love you. " Yeah, whatever. That it away from me, still get a piece of pizza. We spent the rest of the night just before the TV inside. do not really care if they come home and see me in shorts, and I am that Charles does not care. too late and still are not home, so both go to bed in my room. is a big bed, so no much space. we stayed up late so it's easy to fall asleep quickly. I wake up. to be wrapped around me, her head on my chest, his arm around I. as I move to decompress it, open your eyes. He bends down and grab my cock! "Willie is your forte ? " " Yes," I pushed his hand. " I want to see. ¿ I can see it ? " By removing the covers. My Boner Camping is my boxers. I'm too tired to protest, or maybe even Horney, ot curious just to see what to do. He pulls my boxers, the front, the release of my woods in the morning. you can get to touch it and call preteen nude s
my mother.. "Hey guys " I quickly set up my boxers and say the roof. "Forward ! " opens the door and sticks his head "Let's go to Denny fast and Breakfast : na and ready yourself. " She closes the door. I am glad that is not bad, I claimed my bed. We dressed and have breakfast. In the afternoon we go to our mothers and miniature golf. Carlos not doing anything preteens deepthroat pics strange, but I can say, I was reviewing the range thick. It's actually a little weird. After dinner, go all out again, we were alone at home. Once the door closes and close it, Charles said : " Thats get naked ! " Without waiting for me to answer this ot strip him naked. " Thus ", he says, did not see me stripping, " Will you? " " No, I like my model preteen hot clothes. " " Please, just for your fighter, " says undo my pants. Well, why not use the hell. I like playing in my boxers ever, is more comfortable. we are sitting on the couch, I drink in boxers, get naked and zap until n Rush Hour around. One of the ads in model preteen hot order, get up when I get a , he pulls my boxers. I pull back and leave the kitchen. and I keep pushing them down. " enough is enough. " " But I like to see your new Willie. " " OK. "I prefer him and confronted him. " Happy ? "N " I wanna see it too hard again. That is great. " " No, I do the sex preteen erection film. "We sit back down. Comes to the hand over and starts playing with my cock. I will stop it, but realize it feels good. What more left than I see the movie. It is hard n of course. He takes out the hole and play with it, and considered it. is placed close and lick shivers down my spine. I've never had a blowjob or something, but I was hoping to die, I would. experimented with putting in your mouth a few times, but not quite the right thing. I grab his head and gently move it up and down to my cock. He has the idea and sucked me. How to prepare, I am tense and shoot. He rips her mouth n I quickly grabbed my cock and jacking. " You spoozed in my mouth! " That , is pleased. " Yes," I say, relaxing. He puts his finger in my belly and scopps for some sperm. " That's fine," he says. " Yes. " He grabs the tail. It is a pretty preteens xxx
Boner. " Look at my dick is hard as yours. " " Yes. " " Would you like spooze for me. " " is too young, not preteen bikini links
yet spooze ' n say your word. " Will you suck, then? Please. "... ? do not think it would be too big I mean, who can not or no sperm So I have to endure Why not After some I stop and ask, "Do you like ? " " Yes, you're the bestCousin in the world. " After the movie we go to bed. He is still naked. " You want me to suck return " " Yes. " And I do! Me I liked it. " Would you like to do ? " " Yes, of course. " We suck and sleep together. I hope that our parents do more, while These are for me to ' nanny ' by Carlos.

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